FTP Can no longer connect to domain

epiz_27546480 searchsavvy.co

An error occurred while looking up the document root of this domain. Please try again later. Error Message

I also get an error message if I use Domain Checker to check the domain. The error is under Hosting Account Status and is:
An unknown error occurred while checking the status of your domain.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

The only thing you’re doing wrong is not paying attention to the the pinned topics, or the many other recent discussions with similar issues. Because if you did that, you would know that this is a larger outage:


Many thanks for the response. I had seen the other issues but thought this was not the same issue as mine as the domain was still accessible. This was probably my misunderstanding of what was meant by the domain being redirected, so apologies for my lack of knowledge.


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