Frequent Deactivation of website

My domain is getting suspended frequently. I hardly have 2-3 visitors per day. And whenever I check daily limits it won’t even exceed 1000, and my website is under maintenance - very less PHP, CSS, cache, etc - so even if 1000 visitors visit my daily it will hardly touch 1000-10000 hits. But still, my account is getting deactivated. Can anyone anticipate what the problem is?

Check client area for reason of suspension

“I/O limit”

Any backup/caching running in the background?

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Yes, I have scheduled backup on the blogvault, But in the initial days after I cited my domain in blogvault, I didn’t reach any I/O limit

Up to you.
This is what had happened


So should I delete files of suspected plugins through FTP?

Renaming folders will do as well


Do you know anyone who’s been using this hosting for a couple of years now

I have been using it for about a year (maybe a little less). I think @Oxy has been here for a long time.

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I deleted some plugins from FTP, but still, It didn’t work. Could you suggest any way to avoid the frequent deactivation of my account?

You should de-activate all plugins first. Then activate one plugin every 24hrs…


Okay.Thanks for the Idea. I’ll try this technique :slight_smile:

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If this didn’t solve the issue, try moving your website to another account. I had a similar issue and I was able to solve it by moving my website to another account.

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Hi, Your idea seems like a good one, but how can i transfer my website to another account. Like, should i use any plugin so that all my work won’t get erased. Can you please guide me?

The most reliable way to move a website is to download the files and databases from your old account and upload those to the new one:

We recommend against backup software and backup plugins because they are likely to blow up in your face due to PHP limits, file size limits, etc. Don’t be surprised if you’ll end up with a corrupted backup with no way to restore it.


Try disabling these 1 by 1
Cloudflare Flexible SSL
CMP Coming Soon Maintenance
Envato Elements
Header and Footer for elementor
Nav Menu roles
Visibility logo for elementor

Disable 1 at a time and you will eventually find the one causing trouble

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Hi, I deactivated the suspected plugins already. I changed the entire plugins folder name, But I still faced the same issue. I guess there something else is wrong.

What’s the problem with infinityfree? when I try to take a backup from the plugin they won’t allow it (PHP time limit). When I contact them about the daily HITs limit through email they direct me to the forum. Finally, When I, who wants to teach math to poor children who are unable to afford it, try to download through the manual method I face a technical issue: “Unkown error”. Why won’t they allow one backup? If you don’t have any intention of giving a free hosting service, don’t give it. People like me, who run non-profit organizations, come to you because of the name: “so-called FREE”. Only God knows how severely you punish them with these backup constraints and Daily hits. I’m so sorry to say one thing: My students - who come in the hope of learning - are facing difficulties on every alternate day due to the daily HITs limit. So please, I request infinity free to resolve my problem.

This will surely break

This is how you backup

Use ftp like filezilla. Do not use file manager