Account suspension loop


My site seems to be caught in a suspension loop.

The account is suspended because of the I/O Limits .

I’ve tried to login as soon as it was reactivated to remove any plugin that might cause a problem.

Here are some screen shots of what accessing Wordpress looked like when the account was reactivated:

I’ve deactivated a plugin I suspected might cause high i/o usage. But it didn’t work, shortly after that, the account got suspended again for 24 hours.

I’ve read the different post about this, but I don’t really see that it applies to my site…

Amount of picture: when I first migrated my site a month ago, it didn’t seem to be a problem and I haven’t added any since.

Traffic problem: the site was a test before I renew my domain and officially migrate my site which was hosted on another provider, so I’m the only traffic at the moment…

Migration : I thought I might have overused the resources as I’ve upload the site wiped everything and repeated the migrating process in a subdomain… but my site’s been suspended for the last 3 days now, resources should have reset by now…

So, I’m not sure what else could be the problem.

@KygekDev did moving your site to a new account solved your problem?


This is the url:

Deleting files of a plugin seems via FTP seems to have solve this problem. Suspension has been lifted and has not come back in the last 12 hours…


Would you mind sharing which plugin caused the high IO usage? If other people are also getting suspended for high IO usage and they use that same plugin, then they know what to remove.


Updraft a plugin for backup.

The plugin worked fine until a recent update.


Thank you for sharing. I suspected backup plugins would be responsible for high IO usage (because collecting and packing an entire website puts a lot of stress on the storage). But it’s good to see some evidence that this is actually the case.


In my case though, it was set to store on my Google drive, so the only strain would be a bug in the app’s processing since it didn’t suspend the account when uploading through FTP…

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Nope, the backup has to be first created on web host before transferring to Google drive. I/O limit was hit as a result


And also that the IO usage is based on both reading and writing from PHP. FTP uploads and Softaculous installations are not tracked for IO usage.

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Yes it did.

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