Freenom Domain Issue

bruh, non-freenom issue. its perfectly working on cloudflare. But on infinityfree and pro free host nameservers doesnt working.

i got this issue for 4 days.

Incorrect. Please see this screenshot:

As you can see, no nameservers have been set for the 2nd level domain. This means that Freenom’s authoritative nameserver has not correctly configured the NS of the domain name.


only some dns services showes truely.


shut up and fix your site.

What is the domain?
Hijacking of topic is causing some confusion…


Instead of attacking us, how about providing us with some info so we can help you get this resolved?

This is not our problem, this is solely Freenom’s problem. They have an unreliable DNS service, and you are seeing the brunt of that. There’s nothing we can do to fix this, sadly.
The reason the Domain Checker shows that the domain is ready to be used is because it is on a different network from the one in the Control Panel, and thus has a different status (which happens to be a good thing in this case). When you try to add the domain through our interface (the Client Area) it uses the Control Panel as the backend, so you can see where this is going (see what I said above).

That said, you can try this:

As KangJL said, it would be helpful if you provided us with your domain name.


What the results tell me is that Freenom’s DNS is not working in most of the world, and is only accessible in France and Denmark.

Nameservers are often setup with “anycast”. This means that a single IP address is routed to different servers/locations depending on where in the world you are querying from. It’s a fairly crude system, but it ensures that everyone will be able to lookup your domain name relatively quickly, regardless of where in the world you are. And that’s good, because DNS is used for basically everything, doesn’t change very frequently and only involves a small amount of data, so having low latency helps keep your site fast.

But to make this work, it does mean the DNS provider needs to have servers in many places, and have systems to replicate data between all the servers. And my (fairly unsubstantiated) guess is that this replication may not be working correctly.

The InfinityFree servers are located in Amsterdam which, being roughly between France and Denmark, would mean our queries get routed to the working servers. Given that Freenom is a Dutch company as well, it would make sense that their “core” infrastructure is also in the Netherlands.

But iFastNet’s servers are in the UK, and looking at the results, the UK location of Freenom doesn’t work. So this is why the nameserver check when adding domains fails, because that’s run by iFastNet.

(I don’t know why says the servers in the Netherlands don’t work. It might be flakyness, or just Anycast being crude and not routing the requests to the NL servers).

So our systems are working as they should. But you see inconsistent results from us because Freenom is returning inconsistent results from their nameservers. We can’t fix that, only Freenom can.


If you just created your account, it may take 72 hours to propagate.