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Freenom got sued and have ceased operations.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because of technical issues the Freenom application for new registrations is temporarily out-of-order.
Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We are working on a solution and hope to resume operations shortly.

Thank you for your understanding.

This is a guide from 2021… I don’t see the need for it to be closed, especially since Freenom is still up and running, even if they may not accept new registrations at the time.

They have already got suspended by ICANN before, and now its Freenom V. Meta.

No way they’re winning that.


Patience…just wait for the court verdict first

Why did it get sued?


This discussion should likely be moved to a new topic…


It happened.

Good call, I added the notice.

There are still people who have Freenom domains and to whom this guide may still be useful. Let’s first wait and see how the current situation develops before definitively discarding these articles.

That said, I read a background article in a Dutch newspaper about Freenom and it’s owner. In the article the Meta case is just another nail in a coffin that has been forming for a long time. To summarize:

  • Freenom’s main source of revenue used to be parking page ads, but those have dropped dramatically since 2016 when Google decided they didn’t want to display ads on the domains anymore.
  • The owner of Freenom has been putting most of his attention towards his other company, a payment provider, instead. The payment company is profitable, Freenom isn’t.
  • A French investor who owns 25% of Freenom, charged the business court of Amsterdam to investigate Freenom for mismanagement.
  • The contracts for most extensions (.ml, .cf, .ga, .gq) are expiring and the authorities of these countries are not happy with their country codes being used for so many spam and scam sites, and plan to reclaim control over their extensions. Only .tk may remain.

So there seem to be many more problems than just the Meta suit, and it seems unlikely to me that Freenom will recover well from this. If they continue business at all, it may only be with the .tk extension.

And given that the .tk extension is still blocked here, this may mean the end of being able to use Freenom domains here at all.


Well, this is something that I did not expect. What do I use now for a free domain?


Are there any more options?


You can more options here:


Are those really alternatives though? takes a long time to get approved (manually). takes a long time to get nameserver access as well.


In, it used to be that you’d get nameserver access soon after requesting it, I suppose it is delayed now because multiple people need it?

They’re the most popular alternatives to find though, and the most “secure” in terms of reliability (less likely to disappear overnight unlike many new free subdomain providers).

Nothing can really replace what Freenom provided (not just a subdomain, but a free domain), but unless the countries that repatriate their TLDs decide to continue offering them for free through their own registrars, they’re the best options one could get.


Gabon has re-claimed .ga from Freenom.

Freenom is falling down
Falling down, falling down
Freenom is falling down
My poor freenom


It’s over. Freenom has fallen. Billions must transfer their domains to another provider.
(click here if you didnt get this joke)

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They’re definitely going poor from how it looks :skull:
Can’t feel sad for them when they engaged in scummy practices however, just feel bad about the customers that relied on them.

Well, Freenom World seems to still function :joy:


You sure about the one? I got mine in a week or so.

No, I’m not sure. I do have one myself but I’ve had it for many years. I do remember that the process didn’t feel particularly welcoming though. It’s nowhere near as simple as it used to be with Freenom where you could just sign up, place the order, and the domain would get activated immediately.