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Mine took more than 2 months…

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In any case it seems that Freenom will eventually shut down. They may still be looking for other domain contracts in order to pay off their lawsuit and continue operation but I don’t see any proof that this could be a possibility besides it being “temporarily out-of-order.” If anyone with a business website doesn’t mind spending a few bucks a year they should just go for something like Namecheap. Free domain registrars like Freenom may not exist for the forseeable future for many reasons.


That’s already pretty much the case. 10 years ago there were many more options, like,, and Interdots. When the new gTLD plans were announced, some organization even wanted to get the .free TLD and give it away for free!

But I believe went down after a Facebook law suit as well, the rest just fizzled out at some point.

The free domain business is inherently difficult due to rampant abuse and lack of clear monetization paths. Parking page revenue isn’t very high, and most people don’t want to pay for a domain name that’s associated with free domains, and just purchase a domain with a reputable extension from a reputable registrar.


.ga domains are available for registration, for a fee. Netim seems to offer them for $28, with a discount at $19.50 for the first year.

It’s officially over for any hope of domains being transferred from Freenom (or .ga to continue being a free TLD), and I expect others (like Mali’s .ml) to follow.


The cf, ga, gq, ml and tk domains have netted me enough rewards from
I believe I have sufficient funds to renew my domain for the next 10 years. has been delaying payments lately.
It is time to ditch it


Ook gaat Mali niet verder met Zuurbier. Op 17 maart schrijft communicatie-agentschap van de Malinese overheid over „de repatriëring” van de .ml-domein. „Vanaf middernacht” is het contract tussen Zuurbier en Mali beëindigd, schrijft het agentschap.

Essentially, .ml domains are also being brought back to Mali just like Gabon did.


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