domain is down

Since the 2nd of February, the domain is down due to a dispute at the domain registry.

Subdomains of are unreachable

With itself being unreachable, all free subdomains of are unreachable as well. There is sadly no workaround for this.

If you do need your website to be reachable urgently, you can of course create an additional subdomain for your hosting using another domain name. You can do so through the Subdomains section in your control panel.

What caused this issue?

An abuse report was received by EURid, the .eu registry. This resulted in additional verification procedures by EURid. Due to communication issues, this issue unfortunately could not be resolved within the deadlines set by them. As a result, the domain name was suspended until the dispute is resolved.

When will this issue be resolved?

We’re in touch with EURid to complete the checks. We are hopeful that the domain will be restored tomorrow during business hours (CET), but it’s largely out of our hands, sadly.

UPDATE Feburary 3 13:00 UTC: The domain has been reactivated.



Hey tho, at least I don’t use it!

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People are using epizy subdomain nowadays :slight_smile:

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The issue has been resolved and the domain is now back up!

Please note that due to DNS propagation, it can still take a day or two for every website to be visible again.


Works on my side :smiley:

im glad the issues were resolved

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