How can I create a subdomain for my site

How can I create a subdomain for my site? I am very bad with coding and these things so a step by step instruction would be amazing :pray:

Also, you cannot create subdomains of subdomains. So if you have you can’t create


Mine is Does this mean I cannot do it?

that’s right

How long before Freecluster should be back up?

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The last time when this happened it was approved after two days (but it can be shorter or longer).

But you expect under 5 days?

From our side we will do everything to be as soon as possible but we depend on someone’s good will


wrong. i have done it before.

It is not wrong but it is a bug that has allowed it in rare cases.
But it is not official, and I can’t suggest that it is possible and that then every user who reads this, tries and fails and then simply starts to accuse of misinformation…

Being able to create subdomains of subdomains is officially not supposed to be possible.
Sub-subdomains are supposed to be a premium-only feature.


interesting I tried it and it worked

the guys on our game dev team have a long running joke “its not a bug, its a feature !” :slight_smile:

It seems like Freecluster is working again. Thank you everyone, especially @Oxy for the help!


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