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I am currently looking at servers and some are capable and others have half functionalities.

My intention “was” to have WS to manage my application. But the difficulties of “FREE” on the servers, whether in infinityfree or others, make it impossible to use anything.

For example, if I wanted to use GO in infinityfree, I probably couldn’t either.

Now instead of doing WS and binding it all … I have opted for websocket.
websocket game multiplayer real time

I’m going to ask an open question.

Which “free” server has unlimited space / bandwidth and can use websocket php and node.js

I hope someone doesn’t tell me “they don’t give you anything for free” because everyone here knows that. But if I am going to pay for a host and I am going to be seeing deficiencies every 5 minutes … it is not a plan either. That is why it has to be free and with all the necessary aspects.

The “your own pc” joke is very 2010

Thanks in advance

It is still a truth, would you open a free hosting like that yourself?

I am not a company, I do not have sponsors, I do not have other endorsing companies, I have no funders, I do not have people to invest in … I do not have …, so now I will answer you as a user.
Why doesn’t Facebook charge you?
Why doesn’t Google charge you?
Why doesn’t Twitter charge you?
Why does infinityfree free account not charge you ?.
Why doesn’t leage of legends charge you?
Why can YouTube upload “n” videos and it doesn’t charge you? <— take a good look

I will answer you.
They do not charge you because they are covered by:

  • Funders
  • Platform clients
  • Sponsors,
  • Advertising / marketing / … companies
  • Investors
  • and an endless number of them …

Why are the accommodations usually not free? Because they only earn through the client and the infrastructures cannot be paid for.

Therefore, I answer you as a company now.

would you open a free hosting like that yourself ?, “Yes, it would be free if I had all of the above, obviously for sure :)”,

But there is always someone who argues … “they would fill your database with junk data in less than an hour.”

It is always to think about what business model you will have. If the account is going to be temporary with all the privileges, If the account you want to keep with unlimited data, you will be able to upload “n” GB every month … It’s all about thinking about a business model.

If a company is not able to think about this, that is, think like the big companies, Google (there are many companies that have been around for years and are still not free), the only thing left is the current system of being “a free false positive”. Obviously, the media user accepts this reasoning and when alternatives are proposed, he says “would you open a free hosting like that yourself ?,”. It is normal.

At most they can think “it’s a dream.”

Something I have learned from the US mentality in many gaming forums is that they call games that are not “free to play”, for example “POE”. and when someone with a US mentality is rebuked they always say “there is nothing free”.

Everything goes for money, but together we can provide a free quality service, right Google? Very few understood the free market. Nothing happens for not understanding.

I think that with that thought of the United States, we would have to educate children that the most important things are not love, health and money, but rather that money is the most important thing.

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I don’t know if I wasted my own time sitting and reading that many words… My brain can’t normally handle that many paragraphs…

Bayo: Comment riding same.

Me: Thanks for editing my message @anon19508339

You’re welcome.


Tl;dr. Anyways.


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I would say your best bet is to find a developer hosting platform or a VPS hosting provider with a free tier. Heroku, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and assorted providers.

Websockets and other programming languages like Node.js or Golang (which I assume is the “GO” thing you’re referring to - the “guess the two letter acronym” game is strong today), are just not the type of features you’ll find with a web hosting provider.

Web hosting is supposed to be a batteries included, plug and play service for WordPress, other CMS, website builders and that sort of stuff.

If you want a total flexibility service where you can host and control almost anything, website hosting services are not the kind of service you should be looking for.


You’re right.

I originally planned to use WS with sessions for data movement. As I have been working on Android and normally used WS, for games it was easier for me.

But you are absolutely right in the world, I know.

I had thought of a transaction type model using WS, but in real-time this model is too “silly”. I know.

I’ve been looking at these cloud servers and wondering which server for a multiplayer game with UE4 would be the most recommended.

Which one do you recommend for a multiplayer application ?, Heroku, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and assorted providers or is there any other that I have not mentioned

Finally I will use your HOST, for my web page.

Sometimes knowledge is useless without a cushion of money.

I would use AWS, Personally, However some people like Scaleway ( Offer very cheap dedicated servers, of which I use for virtualisation;
For £10+ a month;

  • 4gb Ram
  • 100GB Free backup
  • 1GB/s Internet
  • 120GB SSD

As I used Azure and stuff, and the same specs where costing £30+

I’m using Heroku for my Python LINE bot.

Maybe I’ll try to make Ruby/Golang app next time after I learned it.

Heroku is primarily intended for web applications. If you need to run a game server, that may not work on Heroku.

Beyond that, it’s personal preference. In the end, they all provide virtual servers. You can compare them based on performance, price, support, proximity to your target audience and other factors. Servers are servers and one isn’t empirically better for a specific type of usage.

InfinityFree is largely hosted on DigitalOcean, who I think provide a good balance between price and features. If you want to try them out for yourself, in the Addons section in the client area, you can find a link which gives you $100 of free credit for 60 days to try them!

But most file storage and email sending is handled by Amazon, and there are some development boxes hosted with Hetzner Cloud.


I will keep it in mind for the future.

I have made a monthly budget not only with a game server, I would need to have three types. One for cloud computing, another for running applications (for example AWS, it is not the same as the cloud, I will not use the cloud for applications, if not to have VM) and finally one for the database and the page. With maintenance and everything updated. Having a minimum team to do the necessary services, having a team (front / back end, designers) … even having the connections and everything … the price is really expensive. Very expensive.

I am going to seek financing on the other hand and when I can return I will resume the project, surely with UE5 in 2021

Thank you.

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