Folder in htdocs missing (404 Not Found)

Here my website

Error Message

404 Not found

Other Information

I have a problem at my wordpress (404 Not found)
on the htdocs folders missing… please helpe me

You have an empty directory listing screen. That means there are no files on your site (Or they are in the wrong place). Please upload or move your sites file to the /htdocs folder.

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When did you last check the files were there?

There was an issue a few weeks ago where some accounts on the same hosting volume you’re on (vol1_2) were lost. So if it’s been more than three weeks since you last checked, your files were probably lost because of that issue too:


Saturday 10th June 2021,

Any advice for this problem sir?
or just upload file htdocs via ftp?

thank you for your respond,
just upload backup file wordpress via ftp sir?

Yes, if you have a full WP backup you can upload it and it should work. Your databases should still be intact, but I would have a look at them.


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