First time domain/website creation

So I just created my account and domain today and set it up and I get 403 error. Is that normal for the first day?


I try putting an index.html but it doesn’t show up even thought it acted like it was uploaded. I did add an index.js and an index.css

Also, It wouldn’t let me add commands.html but there is commands.js and commands.css

See this?

Did we ever say that those files can act like an index file too?


Well it’s not letting me add my index.html so…

I’m sorry, but what are you hoping will happen if you have an index.js and index.css file?

By default, the server looks for files named index.php, index.html or index.htm, in that order. Those files will be loaded to get HTML content that will be sent to the browser to render.

Sure, you could add index.js or index.css as valid index files too using .htaccess rules. But Javascript code and CSS alone don’t make a web page: you need HTML too.

So instead of just ignoring your index.html file, you may want to figure out why your index.html file is being deleted, and try to solve that.

And a good place to start is the knowledge base article @Frank419 shared above.


got it to work now

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