Filezilla problems

Hi I’m experiencing one error where I upload my php file but then it sudde

nly deletes itself so when i visit that page it’s not visitable… The php item once its uploaded into filezilla. i’m trying to upload sixweatheroutlookformanycities.php into it, and it moves there, but then DISAPPEARS right away for not sure so what reason:(

If its disappeared after upload then that file may contains any codes against TOS of IF so the system automatically dlt the file.
Kindly check with upload any other file or change the file name also help.

Max file size for php is 1 mb. Your file has exceeded the limit


see this post for file size limitations


oh no:(

i tried and if the file is bigger than 1MB. it won’t upload, otherwise, it will…

oh right. it’s limited to 1MB… so how shall i put my 17000 lines of code into one php? Shall I write multiple files with .php at the end and then use php include function in my main program to call all code out?

Yeah splitting the file will work


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