Filemanager and FTP down

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

even I have good internet connection…

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Some of the IPs are down right now. This has been confirmed to be emergency maintenance.


Same problem here. File manager and ftpupload not connecting

so how much it gonna take to solve this


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okay thank u for ur effort

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I can confirm that FTP is down as of 2:10 PM on Mon, Jul 18 UTC.

Please have patience, this issue should be resolved shortly.


Add to the list

I think its all down, mine is down as well.

Please DON’T post saying, “It doesn’t work for me” or “I hope it works soon.” That’s not helpful.
However, if you do have another IP, please tell me like @Shanknails and @Malte0621 did.
But DO NOT just keep putting IPs that are already on the list. That is also not helpful.

@ElFeky Both ( and FTP ( are down.

2 Likes file manager not FTP

this coincided with an “error establishing a database connection” on my wordpress website. does anyone have the same error?

I have seen quite a few people with trouble connecting to databases, so I think a few database servers may be down. A possible list is on post #2.

Update from iFastNet at 2022-07-18 14:47UTC:

Your servers is being worked on right now to resolve the issue.

I apologies for the inconvenience and assure you that this will be back online as soon as possible once our emergency maintenance work is completed.


That IP is working @Tiger4694


@Malte0621, that IP is also working.

I am closing this topic since an official one has been created. You can find it here.