File upload not working

I can’t manage to upload any file to my server, when trying with Monsta the upload stops extacly at the helf of the size of the zip file. If trying with WinSCP the upload terminates but no file can be seen in the file explorer.
Unfortunately i have no error message to show nor a website, given i can’t upload files.

Hi and welcome to the forum! Please extract the zip file on your computer, then upload the extracted files and folders on your htdocs folder using your FTP client. If you still have problems, please also note the file size limits, which are these:


That would probably work, the problem is that given the huge amount of very small files i need to upload it would take me a lot of time. I was hoping to upload an archive and extract it directly via the given tools.

Got it, i missed this infomation, thanks. Does the given extraction tool support multi-parted archives?

I don’t think so, and even if it does the server might not be able to handle it all in one go, as the File Manager server will have to download the archive, extract it on a temporary folder and upload the extracted contents as well.


So unfortunate, i guess i’ll have to wait, thank you for the rapid response.


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