File Manager: Could not read line from socket

I think that’s the only possible purpose.

Hey, it’s still night in China

Where is my E-mail?

Isn’t your email just Google mailbox

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No, I am saying DO NOT post it here, anyone will be able to view it and use it for there own purposes.

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Or your own mailbox

Where, should I post it?

I’m going to go to sleep, goodnight

Nowhere. Why do you need to post it?

Thank you. sweet dreams!

I followed the instructions in the template. and frankly I’m not that concerned about this Website security, since it is only a trial.

Well the template does not as for your email. The original topic was created because you had a file manager error, and the answer to that is all the internal issues going on right now (See the pinned topic). I have no clue where all the email stuff came from, but I don’t see how it is relevant.

I would be because everything can be digitally linked back to you. Everything that gets done online is tracked and monitored, so one slip-up of personal information can expose a not of things.

Anyway, if you have another question, just let me know.

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Don’t bother, I know all the stuff you’ve mentioned and since my wallets are safe: “I’m okay”

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(other information and details relevant to your question)

PLEASE read the 1000000000+ topics before creating your own! This is a system issue with iFastNet and will hopefully be resolved soon!

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I can’t access File Manager, everytime I try it either gives me an “Unknown Error” or it times out.
How can I get access to my files?


Same problem here. Even can not access from Filezilla.

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Hello there bandoh! Welcome to the forum, please refer to


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