File Manager: Could not read line from socket

Username (epiz_28407699) or Website URL


Error Message

(Could not read the line from socket


Other Information

(Previously it worked automatically without any Login requirements)

The problem of the system upgrade is just waiting to be fixed, but the website is still usable

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Thanks Bro!

They all sent emails, you can check

Can take a look

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That’s true, I found it on my Spam

junk mail? ? ? ?
No way

Not only is there a problem with this hosting, but the other hosting I used is also the same as this system.

Nope, It’s just the daily limits warning HAHAHAa!

Is another hosting system

His control panel is also this

It’s Infinityfree

The same problem happened

Let’s wait!

You can send the connection to your email for your check, if convenient, you can provide your email

Normally, it would’ve connected automatically.

The right system is also a problem

Obviously, They are a disaster.
They claimed something and the truth is another!

Hello, the forum only sends emails if you have configured it to do so. Please to not show your email publicly.
Also, we know this is a problem, so please just wait for it to be fixed.

What do you mean by this?

It may be caused by a system upgrade error