Fake sites have been created on behalf of Slowennet

slowennet.epizy.com (closed)

Although I closed my infintyfree website, there are +18 sites with random domain names in the name of slowennet, when I type slowennet into google search, 2 3 pieces appear, how can we remove them? I have 1 more question, how to close the infinty free account.



why would you want to? do you own them?


How can you remove any site on the internet? In short: you can’t. It’s not your site.

If you believe these sites are infringing to your rights, you could try to contact the website owner, their hosting provider or their domain provider, or report the links to Google as fraudulent.

But please know that using the name “slowennet” on your own site doesn’t automatically make it illegal for others to use it. If you can’t prove that they are intentionally trying to impersonate you or steal your traffic, those sites can keep going.


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