Errors upload stating to contact admin

Unexpected HTML response to PHP query. Be sure the site URL entered in the FTP upload dialog is correct, and PHP is configured correctly on your web server.
Form Contact Form is configured with an email address of a------@gmail, which does not match the server name Some hosting providers refuse to send emails from email addresses on different hosts. If submitting your form does not send email as expected, change the first email address listed in your form to an address on and try again.

I’m not sure what I’m suppose to do about this, I get it whenever I upload the site updates.

Welcome @abrucas!

Is your domain name? Also, what contact forum are you using, and what is the exact URL to it?


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For this first part of the problem I found two things


And I think this is the answer of your second question:

Your email will almost certainly get blocked regardless of the sender address you use. Unless you use a third party mail service, of course.


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