Error with wordpress

Redirects me to

I had error with my wordpress plugin, then I deleted it using file manager. After that, my site redirects me to

Check client area to see account is suspended


Thank you for answering, account is suspended

Please check here for the reason of suspension.


Hello. Sory, but where is account suspendition reason? I can not find it on Infinityfree account page

I see redirects button, but there are not any redirects

There is no suspension.
Did you setup the domain correctly?

Please show the CloudFlare dns entry


I used this guide to setup my domain, but i did not add records with my account IP adress, because it was information that Cloudflare adds them. I will check DNS settings of domain. Thanks

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After opening your account in a browser window with the Network tab open, I see your redirects to, which doesn’t seem to be active anymore.

If you’re using WordPress, this is likely caused by an incorrect Website URL. Fortunately, you can change that without having access to wp-admin directly in the database:


Thank you for answering. I used domain before i bought domain

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