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[ i think discord2.0 Bot is getting blocked.]

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That seems right to me. Most of not all bots cannot access sites hosted with us. This is by design:


Could you bypass, the discord bot crawlers! its for a business i own and its related on discord. and this is just gonna really decide either we use infinity or another hosting services :frowning:

Considering you have a custom domain, you can try using Cloudflare:


yea but disconecting the name servers would cause the hosting to go down right?

There is no downtime if you do it properly. I.e. as instructed in that article.


So there is no way to keep the InfinityFree SSL with the nameservers they offer amazingly, while adjusting ur crawlers to allow discord crawler just like google. its pretty big of a platform at the end of the day, its worth it! tbh

Discord could in theory make a crawler that works here like Google has, but they haven’t. That’s actually a good thing in the long run though. The security system exists for a reason- InfinityFree is meant for web hosting, not for hosting the API for bots. Having that system helps to ensure that free hosting remains feasible, and unabused.


Just to let you know, Cloudflare also provides free SSL. I’d say their solution is even easier and overall better than ours.


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