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Sorry, I wrote but this is my first post on this forum, it was still undergoing verification. I don’t know why my text disappeared.

I renewed the certificate on the free account just to test a GET request made by my arduino to download the .bin file that updates my arduino.

But it does not work. It gives these black arrows error messages. Is it because the account is free?

Possibly due to this?


Sorry, that would probably be my fault. I didn’t want your full key showing, so I edited the image, but I may have accidentally deleted your text in the process.

For the process you are describing to work, your Arduino would need to have both cookies and javascript enabled, otherwise it gets blocked by our system. You can try using Cloudflare to bypass this, but I am not sure if it will work (You also must have a custom domain):


I see, you’re thinking of alternatives.

My system is still homemade.

I just want to verify that it really works to download my .bin file and update my arduino. This is called an OTA (On-The-Air) update.

But it’s ok, thanks. KangJL and Greenreader9

Technically, we are not a file hosting service, so technically this is in violation of our terms.

What you can do is setup something like a raspberry pi server to host the file and server the update.


I understood. But on your paid account would it work?

Can I pay, use 1 month and cancel? if that’s the case

You could try it, I don’t know if it would work though.

You could try using GitHub, make the res parity public and have your program fetch the RAW bat file from GitHub.


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