Error establishing a database connection

Username epiz_28867277

Website for

Error Message

Error establishing a database connection.
I am working on a wordpress site and trying to install plugins and getting the above error ever few minutes.
Database server at
Its working a few seconds then throws error then works again then back to same loop.
Any help will be appreciated.

This is iFastnet’s problem. You can only wait


Having a 10 day outage on 1 account IP
Made another account today and now this issue.
So sad.

I am also having the same issue. We can only wait

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You really don’t need to say this on a unrelated topic. Please keep things on-topic.

Noted @Greenreader9
Any help or advise for the db connection error or do I just wait around.

Occurs frequently.

I don’t know anything else to tell you. I’m not a moderator or an Admin, and I know nothing besides what is on this form. Hopefully Admin will reply soon telling us what is actually happening, and providing us with any information that iFastNet gives.

same problem, until today.

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