"Error establishing a database connection" (NOTHING HELPS)

It sounds like some others are having DB issues at this time. Please be patient white we wait for a fix.

You can use this site to host your WordPress database temporary before they fix it: https://freesqldatabase.com/

Is there a way I can move my DB to that website? Thanks for your reply!

Just signup, create a new database. Go to the phpmyadmin in vPanel and do export. Then go to that website’s phpmyadmin and import it. Then go to wp-config.php and change the database, database user and password to the one on that website.

Now it says this:
(My website has just been unsuspended)


My post was just hidden because of spam? What did I do? Sorry if this is not relating to you but why would it get hidden for spam??

That wasn’t me, but I can see why. Before posting, you should always looks for resent related topic, like the one I posed above. By not doing so, and by creating a new topic that is super similar, it is considered spam because you should have posed on the other related topic. As for the other post, someone probably flagged it because it was a partial duplicate of the first post (Honestly, I think that while the first post should have been flagged, the second one was fine. Because I am not a Moderator/Admin, I cannot remove the flag on the second post)
Good question though!

but my problem was different? Yes similar but it had a different outcome.

and I can’t even access my database

Infinityfree is having errors with databases
I get errors on my website, but I can reload a few times to fix it
infinityfree shuts down my website because it’s using too many resources
after 24 hours it’s unsuspended and MY SITE IS NOT WORKING AT ALL

We know this, you know this, complaining is going to get you nowhare.

That may have something to do with the fact that you are constantly reloading it. The files on your site could also be quite large, or at least require a lot of server power.

I know you are frustrated; this is frustrating. But you never followed the topic template in the beginning, and you never provided a domain, so we can’t look into your site more.

If you want you site working now, and you want your site to stop getting suspended, just upgrade to premium, where you will also get 1-on-1 support for all future issues.

Ok, but why is my website completely not working after getting unsuspended?
(EDIT: I just refreshed and it seems to be working now. This is so confusing to me.)

Maybe the DB error got fixed? I know just as much as you do.

It kind of is for me too. iFastNet never tells us of new outages, and Admin has stopped posting.

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I would upgrade to ifastnet but honestly im just a student trying to make a cool website for his friends, I’m planning on getting a summer job but any money spent on this is money taken away from a car :confused:

If your website doesn’t require people to create an account or sells products, then you really don’t need to use WordPress. Try something like Mobirise or Publii (loads faster, simple to use, and is more secure because it doesn’t require databases) and let me know the outcome (I recommend Publii since it is more similar to WordPress(what you are used to).

Thanks but I’ve already put a lot of time into learning elementor. I was actually planning on having a “forum” type place where people can post comments and stuff. Not sure how to do that though.

BTW to your above one, are you sure you updated wp-config.php with the correct DATABASE, USER, AND PASSWORD (you created from freesqldatabase). If that still doesn’t help, you can try remotemysql.com, the only difference is that you would need to do a survey but in return you get 100MB or database storage.

Also did you import your database contents from the old one in infinityfree (by clicking export and going to your new one and import).

Yes, I’ve double, triple, quadrouple, etc checked that it’s the exact information from my account. I haven’t moved my database yet.

There are some database errors as you know, so if you don’t want to change or move anything you will just need to wait for a fix.