"Error Adding Domain", this error is not very helpful

I am trying to add my domain to an already exisiting account, I tried with add-on domain and parked domain. I tried with byet.org nameservers and epizy.com nameservers too, neither of them seemed to help anything. The first time I tried adding it it alerted me that illegal names were in the box so I instead added the punycode version but still the same error comes up, “Error adding domain.”

URL: IDN Domain

Is it simply the domain name is not possible to add? Thanks for your help anyway

Seems to be the case
See this thread


That sux, i wish we can add domain directly to cloudflare instead of verifying with infinityfree nameserver first

some other free hosting doesnt require verification or block iframe but so many other free hosts are horrible to use, infinityfree is still my favorite

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