ÅÄÖ Being from way under.. IDN domains

Well I guess I’m epiz_31847492 But really call me Dunkan. Or JiriDoo.
I have a website I have had a long time coming and that I intend to set up here. It is for us countryside fools, the villageidiots… yeah I know… can we even read?


In finland like on other places we are little everywhere. Always with low status and used as kind of our society’s growling waste baskets… we are often bullied and frown upon, we make funny grimaces and strange sounds to be able to sneak up on what interests us, to get a look, while we throw cross-eyed glances after our shocked hecklers…

But inside we are the kings! We KNOW things! Because no body knows like the one that always get to see it raw, right. But even if it can be interesting at times It is not always so nice and it’s about time we got our own forum and some god damned RESPECT! So it is excusable that we love to feel a bit special.

Yeah so I went and bought the address Kylähullu.fi It was not cheap… But I did it! Kylä means Village and Hullu is Crazy!
It sounds nice doesn’t it. Hullu!

Any now imagine my utter dismay when I went to park this extra ordinary domain and I was meet with a big BEEP…
Sorry we do not support IDN domains on free hosting, please ; if this is required.
What? ; well… Hmm… wink wink :wink: Yes it is… lmao… :wink:

I have the address xn--kylhully-2za.fi and if it would be possible to add it to the parked domains I and the rest of Finland’s and probably also Sweden’s madmen would be you for ever grateful. I saw in an other post by @admin here at the forum, that getting ssl to it was made possible in december… Isn’t that a sign…

If I got all this totally wrong… I must excuse myself and ask for forgiveness for being so bold to ask if it then could be possible, just to be able to buy just this name in to the register for a fair small penny?


And not have to go either all bonkers out for a payed plan… or have to start to wander on, all protect less and alone out there in the cold rainy world…searching for some humble and for sure lesser shelter…??

I must admit that I, for the well being of my fellow brothers in mental disability , hope for a fair traffic, but there will never be any ads or money made from this or any other of my endevours… I live an humble life on my old rusty ship… My old ship - Album on Imgur and most often go for the dumpster…
And of pride and my own throw of megalomania and normal idiocy, I have no free money and honest work that bring more than just a little food, is hard to com by for such as me… So.

But if you have some choirs for me… I will them gladly do.
Best of all Jiridoo


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Hello and welcome!

In case you’re wondering, an IDN is a domain that contains localized characters, in you case it is ä. This is not recognized by the system, so try adding xn--kylhullu-2za.fi (which is the Punycode version).

If that does not look appealing to you, maybe you can still get a refund and replace the ä with a.

All the best!


Wow… That is nice to hear… But on other side it was when I tried punycode…

that I was told that

I did a double check with ICANN that th nameservers were alright…


It was therefor I thought “it” xn--kylhullu-2za.fi was indeed IDN…

Can you get a refund for the domain still?

No, I think they, my registrar have paid for it, but should not punycode work you think?

Yes, I do personally think that punycode should work, but it doesn’t. Sorry!


Do you think I could ask admin if it is so or if it is some thing special to do??

Sadly, I don’t think Admin could do anything about it either.

yeah… that is sad… I wonder how one could work around it… point the name to some short addess with a cname and register the short as parked
and then maybe rewrite the address with .htaccess
or maybe even a cname to to villageidiot.freecluster.eu could work or does a name translation have to occur…?? Do a redirect at cloudflare…
Would such a scheme even have a chance?

I think this is your best bet. All of your other ideas would require the domain to be added to your Hosting Account in some way, which we sadly know is not possible.


I try to make a cname to villageidiot.freecluster.eu and disable cname flattening… (IP extraction) maybe then the call commes to villageidiot.freecluster.eu and then I keep all links in that domain and do a domain rewrite in .htaccess
Lets see if that will work.

Nice also of you to engage for me, Thanx

Actually I did/do now try with a page rule redirect and ssl (Full), just waiting for the nameservers to change.

I’m sorry, but it won’t. DNS and web traffic are completely separate. DNS is responsible for mapping a domain name to an IP address, and then the browser will ask the server with that IP address for the web page. The web server doesn’t know which route your DNS lookup took. This is why the domain MUST be added to a hosting account to use it: there is simply no other way the server could know the account to which the domain is related.

IDN support has always been a bit… flaky. I just checked, and it is possible to add an IDN domain as an addon domain, but not as a parked domain.

I’ve sent a request to iFastNet to see if IDN support can also be added for parked domains.


Thank you for your answer… Wow, nice of you to ask for me.

I did go with an 301 redirect to villageidiot.freecluster.eu and it works for kylähullu.fi
but not if I put www or other subdomain… Then it goes to iFastnet.com Special offer and Discount Coupon
I have tried with…
but I do something still wrong. My wish is that it would add in what is in the place of the first * to $1 but… well…

So now I could come up with some .htaccess magic to paint on the right kylähullu.fi lipstick address on to my sweet pig! :slight_smile:

Idn domains have been allowed on parked domains


Wow!! How darn nice! :star_struck: :bomb: :zap: :dizzy: :boom: :fire: :hibiscus: :cherry_blossom: :rosette: :lotus: :four_leaf_clover: :strawberry:

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I just tried parking, and did not succeed. @ifastnet I was just about to ask where you got this information when I saw your name :slight_smile: Ok but let’s rephrase the question to, Should it work already?
I tried with xn--kylhullu-2za.fi again
But still got

Remembering what was said about IDN and punycode above, I also tried with “kylähullu.fi” but were then informed about criminal characters… :wink:

Also when I tried to make an Let’sEncrypt cert for xn--kylhullu-2za.fi earlier it failed, I guess it is related to same limitations? Maybe it has something with the page encoding - UTF-8 to do?

Hi, :vulcan_salute: and thanks for your engagement. :smiley: :palm_tree: :sunflower: @Ifastnet (that i guess is the main host) said that idn now is supported, but I have tried to park both xn--kylhullu-2za.fi and kylähullu.fi and get either that idn is not supported or in case of kylähullu an error referring to illegal characters, meaning ä… :grimacing: :sob: :flushed:
Is there something else I should do before this could work :confused: or is it about waiting for the “system” to catch up with it’s own tail :thinking:?

Or maybe I should ask Ifastnet rather…

Hi @ifastnet. I hope I do not stress you in the middle of your work day or so :neutral_face:, but I can’t see any change regarding parking of IDN domains… I still get same errors from trying to park both xn--kylhullu-2za.fi and kylähullu.fi The form/app complains about idn and illegal characters… :skull_and_crossbones: :ghost: :robot: :boom:
Is it some time delay before this comes in to effect maybe? :thinking:

Ok I’m officially giving up… :skull: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull:

Despite @ifastnet (that I believe is the main host) have said that IDN or punycode now should work on parking domains and @Admin have said that it should work at addon domains, It just doesn’t. :grimacing: :skull_and_crossbones:

I have tried with ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com as it is said to do in both the parked AND the addon domains dialogue.

And with ns1.byet.org etc…

just as one strangely and confusingly :scream: enough get told by the web app to do… But only when >>“parking”<< FAILS… ???

Obviously there is some confusion :partying_face: :roll_eyes: going on under the hood here as neither @ifastnet or @Admin really have a grip on the beast :orangutan:

Notice that the “idn not supported” no longer shows up, Which in it self is a promising sign

I have philosophized with my self about it :face_with_monocle: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :weary: :sob: :japanese_ogre:
and come to the conclusion that this site, like many other free services, running on some kind of home cobbled magic :man_mage: that probably is so ancient old that the new young apprentices :mx_claus: :mage: :merperson: only know the surface of it… or worse for that… it is an exhaustiveness game to swing you up the tree :evergreen_tree: :monkey: to buy an more promising package… :weary: :pleading_face:

For me thou it does not look so promising… :cold_face: :skull_and_crossbones: I have put many days trying to get this right and can’t still, so… :boom:well If you like to put days on end to try to debugg :nerd_face: :dizzy_face: :sleeping: :robot: this system with your creativity and time… Feel inspired to do so but I now officially have given up on it. :sob: :disguised_face: :bone: :eyes: :sparkler::barber: :sewing_needle: :jigsaw: :no_bell: :hook: :no_bicycles: :question: :grey_question: :free: :infinity: … Beeeeeep…

I bought some cheap space on flokinet :penguin: (a nordic host must have experience with åäö ) to try the luck with my sad :pleading_face: little ä there instead… :weary: :flushed:

This concern only IDN thou, for the rest… I still think :infinity: :free: :dizzy: :zap: :boom: :fire: :sparkles:

Makes me think that maybe you have already added the domain?

Check under “Addon Domains” and “Parked Domains” to see if the domain name appears in the list.