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You do not have the correct file hosted at

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Hello, I have some problems with my website using stripe with woocomerce on wordpress. I want to add apple pay plugin, their wesite asks me to upload a file in a specific directory which is already done and checked, i can view the file by entering its url on my browser but the service seems unable to access this file maybe due to rights, it happens also with another website which asks me the same, to upload a file but it can’t access it maybe for the same reason.


Seeing you are using a custom domain, you could use cloudflare to bypass this:


You mean I use cloudflare for ssl certificate ? I already used the one provided by Infinityfree to get the https. Do I have to change ssl provider ?

You don’t have to change SSL provider with Cloudflare; you can enable the proxy, set the SSL option to “Full (strict)” and every time the certificate expires you can renew it as normal. Also, by using Cloudflare, you’ll bypass the security system, so every website that requires file verification will work fine.

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The problem is that I must enter infinityfree dns nameservers in my hostinger account in order to add cloudflare ones, or is it possible to make them both work together ?

You’ll have to change your nameservers to Cloudflare’s ones (don’t mix multiple sets of nameservers) and make sure that the records for @ and www point to the website IP you can find on the Client Area. Like so, Cloudflare will work and it gets to show your website’s files you have on free hosting.


ok so infinityfree will still have access to my domain name ?

Yes, it will. I have a domain set up this way (the way the linked article by GreenReader9 shows) and it has been working ever since I set it up over 1.5yrs ago.


That actually worked for me thanks a lot mate !


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