Error 522

I want the problem resolved as soon as possible.

maybe this help you?
Also check for ssl in cloudflare dashboard, if it is full then set in to Flexible SSL Encryption

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It’s still not fixed, can you know that?

This issue is not caused by any outage, but by a configuration issue between your hosting account and Cloudflare.

To fix this, go into your Cloudflare settings and switch your SSL mode from “Full” to “Flexible”. Or request a valid SSL certificate and install that on your hosting account, but Flexible SSL is easier.


Unfortunately, I can’t do it. Unfortunately, I can’t do it, I’m not very resourceful at this, are you in a position to intervene?

Why not? What exactly are you having trouble with?

Please understand that you’re free to use Cloudflare IF you are capable of managing it. If you want us to take care of everything, please don’t use Cloudflare and use our nameservers directly.

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