Error 403 forbidden, website is not displaying

website is not loading displaying error 403 forbidden

403 Forbidden

The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page.

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That’s probably something in your .htaccess.
Try removing/renaming it to see if the 403 error no longer occurs.


can I delete the .htaccess?
what about this site, what happened?

There has been ongoing issues with servers. The code displayed is part of that AND NO DONT DELETE HTACCESS IT IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR WEBSITE

so is it something I shouldn’t worry about, which will resolve by itself or how can I fix it…?

I don’t know. Depends on what it is doing.
How did it get there? Wasn’t you who put it there?

That’s been happening to a lot of users and it’s probably related to this:

I believe the only way to solve that is to use a backup to restore the website. But I don’t know exactly.
Maybe you should wait for someone who knows the answer to that.

You will need to backup your website or restart it entirely, It sadly wont fix on its own… The website is corrupted

Yup, that is the only way to resolve…

how do I use backup to restore the site

Do you have a backup? What is the website? wordpress?

If you want to backup, just insert the backup folder into the htdocs folder in a FTP (not file manager).

Please am facing issues with different website and

no I don’t have a backup but I use wordpress

What I said:
You will need to backup your website or restart it entirely, It sadly wont fix on its own… The website is corrupted. You said there is no backup so you will need to restart your site all over from scratch :frowning:

The 403 forbidden is something I don’t have the power to help with yet. The 403 comes as a security measure and you must have edited some files or done something to provoke it. The only way I can help you with this is by you telling me what you did to the files in the server, what changes you made… Otherwise, only the Admin can help with this problem.

This is a good start


How did this get to the server error? As far as I know, a 403 error is not related. Can you share your .htaccess file @emmapsky?

I just took a look at the .htaccess file. I would recommend against removing it, it contains some rules which are important for WordPress to work.

But at the bottom of the file are lines like these (real IP addresses obfuscated):

order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from x.x.x.0/24
allow from x.x.x.0/24

I guess the idea was to only allow access from the given IP ranges. But you should know that the allow/deny rules are evaluated from top to bottom, and the first rule that is matched is used.

You have deny from all as the first rule. And since from all matches everything, nothing can access your site.

If you want to restrict access to only the given IPs, you’ll need to move that second line to the bottom. If you don’t want to block anything, you can just remove those four lines entirely.


Please read the last post by admin, it explains why your site is not working.

Yesterday, I noticed my 2 sites went down without explanation, I reported the issue here Error 403 forbidden, website is not displaying;

According to the response, they say it was my fault, but I didn’t really agree with that.

so I chatted up my friend today who is still using infinity free hosting to learn web design on WordPress, I asked him to check his site, he replied his site went down too…

So now am wondering, what’s the actual reason behind it?

Am I the only one facing this issue or what…?

Please I need an explanation and please don’t lay blames on me because I don’t believe that, something is going on with the hosting no one is talking about…


Does infinity free / Ifastnet automatically flush some site once in a while or what…?

Dont be afraid…
once youve finalized your site on infinity
its Fantastic …


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I don’t think so. I know that if you don’t login to your account in a while, it can get deactivated (but you get a warning email first). Can you share the domains and usernames of the accounts that are not working so we can look into it?

Also, the issue on your site that you posed before is your fault, as your .htaccess file is incorrect.