ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR after uploading cerificates


I am trying to activate SSL on

But I keep getting

I did follow all the steps to verify CName records, generated certificate and key and uploaded both of them to the SSL section of cpanel.

Please any help would be appritated.
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The status of the ssl certificate in the client area is : No SSL certificate was found

You did not.

Please screenshot TLS/SSL section from the VPanel

Thanks for the reply!!!
Attaching SS

I have left the CSR section blank

Strange indeed. You may have to wait for Admin…

Yeah! But thanks anyways! Last night i tried using Let’s Encrypt and had the same issue today i tried again using GoGetSSL and i am still having same problem.

You can also use CloudFlare…

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Thank you so much for the help! I will wait for an admin for sometime and then try it out! Thanks

worked like a charm :). Thanks!!


Hello @Gaurav11, I am glad you got your issue fixed. Note that it is usually easier to use LetsEncript for free SSL here, it is generally faster and with fewer errors. (Just a note for the future)

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