EPP code

epiz_30203116 (Website for athome42.com)

When I signed up I entered my domain as a custom domain and to do that I had to enter the EPP code for my domain.

I now want to move my domain to a more suitable provider and need my EPP code.

All I get from you guys is that you’re NOT hosting my domain but if that is correct why did I have to enter an EPP code to sign up with you?

Ultimate,ly I want out and I want the EPP!!

i dont think infinityfree needs an epp code, but your registrar might have done when u changed nameservers

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If you have a subdomain from InfinityFree, you can’t transfer it to another host. Furthermore you don’t need an EPP code to sign up. InfinityFree is a hosing service, not a domain registrar.


It is Auth Code
A generated passcode required to transfer an Internet domain name between domain registrars

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