Ep overuse suspension

I got a 24 hour suspension for ep overuse on https://lovebug.ml which i understand to be php usage ?

its strange because my site stats are usually flatline but you can see in the attached image that there was a massive spike


my website is only a few pages of very small php its not like a wordpress site running 100’s of phps so I cant understand why this happened

ive converted all the site pages to html except the index.php which loads the pages via ?page=somePage and servers.php which pulls a html file from my game server and displays it to show the current online players

I cant think of any way to reduce it further and still not sure where this spike came from causing the suspension

Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks

It could be from traffic, including bot traffic. If you use Cloudflare, make sure you disable its bots.


i do use cloudflare and didnt know about its bots

i’ll turn them off and hopefully it’ll be ok


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i couldnt find anything about cloudflare bots but I did find something in the fire wall settings about fighting bad bots and I have turned it on

I think he meant to block bad bots

You can do something like this :


thanks OxyDac that is really good information, sadly I cant take it all in right now due to my ongoing illness


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