EP limit being reached immeditely


So one of my accounts got suspended 3 times in 3 days for reaching the daily EP limit. The issue is that the limit got reached in under one hour after it went back online. I have to mention that I don’t remember having any PHP scripts.

I was wondering what this is caused by? I have enabled Cloudflare and put all security to maximum thinking I am getting DDoSed. This didn’t seem to help. The Daily Hits are also low.

Any idea what this could mean?

Website: https://anonymous-systems.xyz/ (locked down)

Account: epiz_31258535

Does this help?


I read that but as mentioned, I have 0 PHP scripts.

This may have to do with an error in server configuration that occurred about a month ago. Admin will check it out when he comes online.


You may want to read through this topic, because the circumstances seem somewhat similar:

There was an issue with EP suspensions before, but as far as I know the cause was identified and fixed.


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