Emails go directly to spam

hy i have an issue idk if it’s the case with everyone
all the emails i send goes to the spam folder, though ididn’t send a lot i just send4 test emails to different mails adresses byt they all go to spam
forthat i don’t even know if i can continue with creating the website because what’s the point of it if i can’t haven a mailing list??
anyone has a solution please??

I’m not sure that hosting can do something to the mail services that marked their IP(or however else they know where the mail comes from, I don’t know anything about mails system) as a spam.

How are you trying to send these emails? PHP mail or webmail?

Also, you don’t have to use our email system for a mailing list related to a website you host with us. You can also use a third party mailing list service like Mailchimp while hosting your website here.

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