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Well, i am facing an issue with my email which i created from GoDaddy C-panel, as i have registered the domain name through GoDaddy. However, i am hosting the website through InfinityFree.

To create an email id, i added the domain name through AddOn Domain in C Panel and then i created an email account.

I do not have any issues sending any emails. But, unable to receive any emails.

Earlier it was working all fine. But now it’s not.

Let me tell you when i changed the nameserver of my domain name i am not able to see the DNS Records. Where can i see the DNS Records of my domain name?

Thank in advance!!!

Lily Singh

Email’s on free hosting have been deprecated. As you created the email from Godaddy, you must point the MX records to them It can be found in the vPanel.

You can find different categories to add different records. It’s all there in the vPanel. Note you cannot tough/alter the A records.

This is no longer supported on free hosting

Use CloudFlare?


See, i have registered my domain name through GoDaddy. Also, i have a Shared hosting server with GoDaddy as well. However, the hosting i used for the registered domain is through InfinityFree (Used the same nameserver i.e.,

To create an email account (i used my GoDaddy Shared Hosting):
Added the domain to Add-on Domain > Email Accounts > Created an email account.

Also, i would like to know where can i see the DNS record for the domain (which i registered through GoDaddy).

As i mentioned before, after changing the Nameserver to i am not able to see the DNS records for domain name (which i registered through GoDaddy).

Where can i see the DNS record for the domain name.

Please help as it is very urgent.


This will only work if you are using GoDaddy nameservers. Once you switched to IF nameservers it will break. You will need MX record



Thanks for this.

but this is not what i am asking for. I would like to know where is the DNS record for the domain after updating the IF nameserver.

IF VPanel only has MX and SPF record. If you need anything more, upgrade to premium hosting.
Alternatively, you can access DNS record by adding your domain to CloudFlare.


There is no general DNS Records tool in our panel. But if you’re unable to receive mail, the issue is likely caused by missing or invalid MX records for your domain, which can be found in the “MX Records” section.

These are the only records you probably need. Moving your domain to a different DNS provider is not recommended in general and very likely not necessary to solve your issue.

So please don’t blindly jump on the messages telling you to use Cloudflare. You don’t need it.

Since @LilySingh wanted to access the dns record, CF is the only way

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But i am still not able to send any emails from my website.

Is this correct?

I have created a contact form to my website and i am used a gmail account to receive any emails from website my website. Why am i not receiving any emails after getting the success message?

Do they? Because I was convinced that they wanted to receive email, and needed to setup some DNS records to do that.

So @LilySingh assumed (incorrectly) that our panel had a single section where all DNS records could be viewed where they could solve the problem. But our panel doesn’t have that, hence the question where to find it.

But just because MX Records are configured through a section called “MX Records”, not “DNS Records”, doesn’t mean you need an entirely new DNS provider.

This is the issue? Sending email from your website to a Gmail account doesn’t work? Because if so, please ignore everything everyone has said.

For starters, how are you sending the email? Are you just using the PHP mail function? Because that function pretty much doesn’t work here:

If you want to send email from your website, you’ll need to use an external email provider to send the messages. You can use your Gmail account for that, an email account on Go Daddy or something else. You can then use a PHP component like PHPMailer or Swiftmailer to send messages with SMTP.

We have an example contact form which uses PHPMailer. You can download it from here:


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