Email setting

Need advice. Ive register with Inifinityfree with an email account and ive changed it to another email account which is gmail.

But it did not send any confirmation of the new administration email being change.

and on my webpage it is still the old email account. please advice as i need to set my backup on google drive which needs a gmail account.

For starters, please don’t hijack someone else’s topic. Especially when the topic was solved months ago already. I split your post to a separate topic this time. Next time, it will be marked as off topic and deleted.

As for your question itself, I don’t fully understand the issue. Are you trying to change the email address of something? Which email address are you trying to change where exactly?

Check your junk mail. If it’s still not there then resend it or do the proccess again.

Apologies as i was not trying to hijack in anyway.

AS you can see, initial email account is under outlook account and would like to change it to gmail.

As i have check the spam folder for the gmail for 2 days already. There’s nothing.

That is the reason why i went to the forum to seek advice.

Hope able to have this resolve.

Click cancel and enter your email again. Perhaps something went wrong while sending it.

Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I did it for past 2 days and check the spam/junk folder and nothing comes through.

I did that too. :grimacing:

Test it with another email and check if it works.

ok…let me try now

it didnt work neither…tried 2 times too

I haven’t heard of a problem like this. It is rare to me so all I can suggest is to backup any files if you need to by clicking Tools> Export. Now uninstall wordpress via Softaculous and then install it again.
It may be a corrupted installation but I may be wrong.

ok. let me try it…will keep you posted

Hi…so when i reinstall wordpress? i choose quick install without keyin all the site /name and all?

I back up the word press at Softaculous but to restore it failed.

I also did the back up you advise. So how do i go about restoring from the back up i exported from Infinityfree instead of Softculous?

Did you configure WP Mail SMTP or another external email service/system? If so, then our servers are likely blocking the verification message.

We provide only an extremely limited PHP mail function with free hosting, meaning most messages you try to send from your site won’t work. But you can use an external SMTP server or other email service to send email from your site. The combination of a free Gmail account with the free WP Mail SMTP plugin is enough already.


The only way to fix this is to reinstall the wordpress using the Softaculous Installer, and change the default email admin into your desired gmail account.

By default, WordPress uses internal SMTP from hosting to send email (PHP mail() function).
But, internal SMTP feature is not available for free plan in this hosting.
So that’s why you didn’t receive the email from your site.


i did reinstall but failed…any advise on how to go about it?..ive tried 4 times but the restore the wordpress back up still fail

No, I mean uninstall the wordpress or remove the wordpress from your domain and then install it back again. Don’t use restore installation.