Email setting

ive tried too…this happens as per visul

No, uninstall first the wordpress from your domain by clicking the “X” red button from wordpress Softaculous and then install the wordpress again with quick install.

yes…done that already and also deleted my back up from softaculous but i do have back up file on another folder on my desktop.
so when i do quick install, i will key in my new email and etc…but theres still an error…what can i do?

Have you also did removing the previous database from wordpress and make it sure that the inside of your htdocs are empty before installing the wordpress again.

Because it’s said “…already exists”.

The error message itself is guiding you that you will need to delete the files present in your site folder which might be in “.htdocs” or “yoursite.tld/.htdocs”.
Or you can simply click on the checkbox and then continue with installation.


ive deleted from htcdocs and reinstall,how do i restore from my wp backup from my desktop folder/google drive folder as ive deleted the restore back up at softaculous

This is the way you can normally import an existing website into a hosting account:


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