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Dear All

Can anyone help me, I’m not receiving an email to my webmail account, When I send an email it goes in the spam folder of the receiver’s the mailbox.

You can see my MX record page with the below link, My domain is

Can anyone help me with this two issue?

Waiting for your reply,
Thanks in advance

Did you try the steps from this article already?


Dear Admin,

Thanks for your valuable reply,

As i can found that in your provided link
( 1. The MX record should match the MX record in the error message.
2. Delete any MX record for your domain which does not match the one shown in the notification on the Email Accounts/Forwarders screen.)

MX-record2 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB (This error message is showing me)

MX-record hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB (This is MX record page)

So according to your explanation should i delete the first and second column of mx record which does not include Please check both the screen shot )?

Waiting for your reply.

hi there,u can try to delete the second one.u can leave the mx epizy there

Hi ynj1990
Thanks for your reply.
I have delete the second record, You can see the updated record, But I didnt still received emails. (This is my MX record)


ok.may i know which email provider r u sending from your roundcube?like gmail or yandex etc…

Thanks for your reply
I’m checking and sending the email from my own gmail account.

have you receive any email? and r u on cloudflare?

No i have not receive any email. Cloud flare is enable.

I need to disable it right?

I checked and your domain has Cloudflare integration enabled, which breaks MX records and subdomains. If you want Cloudflare protection with also working MX records and subdomains (if you have them), follow this guide present on this topic:


yes.just as @Ergastolator1 said.u have broken ur mx record however u can go to your cloudflare on dns section delete all mx record and re add the mx record that will be worked fine with it make sure u sex to u 10 priority or 20 priority

your cloudflare is enable in vista panel or cloudflare site?

Not really that. The owner of the website didn’t break his MX record, but Cloudflare integration did that. Next time, please check MX records with my pre-configured DigWebInterface, overwriting puthereyourdomain.powered-by.eo1 with the domain you want to test, and check if there are MX records after clicking on “Dig”. If there aren’t any, but a CNAME record with value, where yourdomain can be replaced with your domain, or there aren’t MX records at all, then the Cloudflare integration is enabled and needs to be disabled, and also to add the domain manually on Cloudflare dashboard, with the topic I linked, or there aren’t MX records at all if they weren’t added before or you’re using Cloudflare nameservers or our ones without Cloudflare integration enabled. So you need to add them from one of those MX management panels. If there are any, then he’s either using Cloudflare from and their nameservers or using our nameservers without Cloudflare integration enabled.

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It was enable from vista panel. I have disable it.

wonderfeful jus follow @Ergastolator1 advice check and see have u recived the email

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@ynj1990 @Ergastolator1 @Admin

New error coming when I go to webmail page. I have disabled cloud flare from vista panel and then I also log in on cloud flare and complete the procedure to connect my website with cloud flare. (Error on web mail page) (MX record page) (cloud flare protecting web site)

Please help me


@Hasnain_Razamarinefor the roundcube u r not the only everyone is facing same i think ifast is uprading doing some db maintenance. on webmail.

for the mommne tu need to wait the administrator or ifast settle the roundcube error

alternatively if u may other free hosting like yandex …

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Thanks @ynj1990

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