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Hi. I am currently using Infinity Free for hosting my website above using the domain I purchased from Godaddy. It is fully working now after changing the nameservers to Infinity Free’s default.

Although, now I am trying to set up an email account (e.g. [email protected]) through Godaddy as the feature is also included in my purchase. However, they instructed me to update the TXT value, CNAME records, MX records and SRV records in my Infinity Free hosting. And I read in another topic that I won’t be able to update my TXT records here. So, as a way to avoid all the hassle, I decided to revert the nameservers back to Godaddy, instead. My question is: Will my website still work if the nameservers are reverted back to Godaddy, and not Infinity free nameservers anymore?

I look forward to your response/assistance. Thank you.

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Yes, if you set the A record at GoDaddy to the IP shown in the Client Area (looks like

It seems like your domain may not have been added yet (or it is not functioning properly). Is this true (have you added your domain yet)?


My website works if the www is typed ( but without it, it routes to a advertising blank page. Is this an error?

Thank you for your response, I’ll update the nameservers to Godaddy tomorrow.

Also what what do you mean by “A Record”? Sorry I’m not an expert.

This is what I see


Please remove domain from hosting account then add it in again.

Since you are using custom domain, you can use CloudFlare.
Follow this guide


Hi, I followed your suggestion and changed the A record to the IP I found in the client area in IF 2 days ago, but now the website won’t load:

This is now the A record in my GoDaddy settings:

That because you did not do this


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