Elementor dont chargue

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what version of php is the server using, elementor does not load, I can’t edit the pages,

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Php version 8.1…its pinned on homepage itself!

Not necessarily. When all servers are upgraded, that’s what it will be, but for now some servers are still on 7.4.

As for Elementor, it’s a heavy plugin, and I’d recommend against using it in free hosting if you do not want to risk suspensions for the resource usage limits:


Currently mixture of 7.4.8 and 8.1.

Well, elementor is known to have issues on free hosting. Avoid it if you can


I see you’re also using Cloudflare on your site. Please note that Cloudflare and WordPress don’t work well together out of the box, and are known to break the Elementor editor. This is doubly so if you’ve enabled the Automatic HTTPS Rewrites option, please disable it and never touch it again as it always breaks things.

Instead, please setup your domain and Cloudflare as described in this article:


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