Hey, everyone Infintyfree is cool and offers a lot of cool features.
I know that the admins take abuse REALLY seriously and banned (.tk) domains and disabled e-mails. So does anyone know another way I can get a free e-mail with my domain. I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

Zoho mail or yandex mail can help you with that. But they won’t support free domains such as .ml, .ga etc. So you would need .com or .net etc.

ImprovMX is also a good email forwarder which you will receive the emails that being sent to your custom email domain into your gmail account, but you can’t send or reply to it via your custom email domain.

ImprovMX support free domains.


So, does yandex and zoho register with the domain that I take i.e - [email protected] for FREE

Yes for FREE, only .com or high level domain, not free domains. So could also send or reply into it by using your custom domain.

Can I get a link so that I can get started on that I guess.

Wait, I’ve tried both and Zoho doesn’t accept freenom domains. If you try Yandex, yes it will work but most things get sent to the spam folder.

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You can. You can use gmail, outlook .etc as long as they support email alias.

Nope, never had a problem with Yandex, setup DKIM and SPF and it works fine, always goes into inbox.

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I mean, you can’t send or reply to it via your custom domain or means [email protected]

I mean, you could with sendmail in Linux CLI, but it would definately go into spam

You can, I am currently using ImprovMX!

No? You will need to pay for it. What I mean is you can’t send or reply to the email that you have receive using your [email protected], so only via gmail or any alternative.

I’m using ImrpovMX forwarding with outlook!

Yes but you cannot reply with your domain, you could change from but it would be classed as spam

That’s what I mean, you could only reply to it via your gmail or outlook, not via your custom domain. Please understand it first, senpai.

Then you will need to pay for premium service if you want to reply to an email using your email custom domain.

So what I highly suggest here is to use Zoho or Yandex so that you can send an email or reply to an email using your custom email domain.

Is this enough proof or do I need to prove it further!

@Technical.Legendz HOW did you do that ?

  1. First register with ImprovMX.
  2. Then follow their instructions.
  3. Create an outlook email if you don’t have one.
  4. Now go to account.microsoft.com and click ‘edit profile’ and then ‘manage how you sign in’.
  5. Then click ‘add an email address’ and add your own.
  6. Now create an email to send and then click the ‘from’ button (it’s the one on the picture I posted)
  7. Now select your email!
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Could you send me a message using your custom email, you’re using outlook right?

Use this: [email protected]