ok then.
I will send it from [email protected]

EDIT: I sent it.

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@IntelliMe, you can also create a page rule to forward your emails to a certain folder if you want. I named my folder [email protected] and created a page rule forwarding all emails from [email protected] to that folder because I will be adding more aliases.

I didn’t. Why? Maybe delay?

When I tried to do it also, I couldn’t also make my primary email to something like my custom email domain, I’m using gmail, maybe you can only edit the primary email into custom email domain using outlook. And that’s bad for google user.

You didn’t recieve the email or you couldn’t do it yourself?

I didn’t receive the email, and that’s weird. It would be cool if I receive it :smiley:

@IntelliMe Maybe you could try to use outlook so that you could also copy or use what @Technical.Legendz suggest. But I’m pretty sure you can’t edit the “From” email into custom email domain using gmail.

Editing the from will require the other domain (ImprovMX) to verify or for the current servers ip to be included with the Trusted Sender List (SPF), but is also classed as forging a domain

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Also @katufo, check your junk.

As you can see below;
Usually i wouldn’t do that, but it is in my internal senders list, but ImprovMX Seems to have an issue with this, however you can see that it is from my sender domain, and classes as spam

(I won’t do this again don’t worry, this is just a demo)

Encryption is for domain ms.hn.fyi

It also shows the following;
Jul 10 21:00:57 hn postfix/qmgr[30202]: 8066E5904B0: from=[email protected], size=250, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Jul 10 21:00:59 hn postfix/smtp[1870]: 8066E5904B0: to=[email protected], relay=mx.yandex.net[]:25, delay=14, delays=13/0.02/0.65/1, dsn=2.0.0, st$
Jul 10 21:00:59 hn postfix/qmgr[30202]: 8066E5904B0: removed

Showing the true sender in logs

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Thanks @Technical.Legendz it worked, but it would be more convenient if i could use it with gmail so, could you send me an invite to your discord pls :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’ll message you tomorrow.

@IntelliMe, so straight to the point… I highly suggest to use zoho mail or yandex mail for faster and for no problem.


Note: This is unofficial


I didn’t send any mail to you so I don’t know how you recieved it. Also, that is wrong because it contains the following:

I don’t use Yandex.

No, that was a test.

It was sent from my Postfix/Dovecot mail server.
It shows that ImprovMX has no proper encryptiom

Unless sent from Outlook or Gmail.
Also, 3rd party tools aren’t always reliable! :wink:

Im in when should I join you tommorrow @Technical.Legendz , also thnx to everyone in the thread now

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i’ll send an email to [email protected] to check

ok, I’ll reply.

I got it! How does it say [email protected]? Also, I can’t see the real sender @HaydenANG so it should be encrypted.

It was send with the following command;

sendmail [email protected]
From: [email protected]

And the mail log;

Jul 10 21:11:10 hn postfix/qmgr[30202]: 331D15904B1: from=[email protected], size=373, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Jul 10 21:11:12 hn postfix/smtp[6778]: 331D15904B1: lost connection with mx1.improvmx.com[] while performing the HELO handshake
Jul 10 21:11:15 hn postfix/smtp[6778]: 331D15904B1: to=[email protected], relay=mx1.improvmx.com[2001:41d0:303:be6e::1]:25, delay=52, delays=47/0.02/4.6/1.1$
Jul 10 21:11:15 hn postfix/qmgr[30202]: 331D15904B1: removed

It got accepted and it was done by forging the sender name using insecure linux sendmail! And yes, encrypted by Lets Encrypt for ms.hn.fyi

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However when i try to send from google.com i get;

Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 5.7.1 Email rejected per DMARC policy for google.com

AS google have proper software to prevent this