Downloading a file

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Error Message

When I try to download a .zip file from my website it gives me and error saying 403 Forbidden
my code:

<a href="" target="_blank" download="" style="height: 20px; width: 20px;">

not sure if I’m allowed to do this but: @Admin

Just to mention you cannot host files to make them available to download here. Instead you should upload your files to a cloud then link back.


May you please provide an example of how you do that I’m not the best with websites I make programs

Google drive and dropbox.


You’re allowed to do it, it just doesn’t do anything. I disabled ping notifications because it was being used en-masse by people to personally demand my attention to their issues.

I always check all topics, oldest to newest. So bumping and pinging to get my attention get my attention.

As for your issue itself, the link just works for me without any errors.


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