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My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: I want to download all my web to my pc, but I can’t download them with the filezilla, it doesn’t let me, when it’s almost finished downloading everything, some files are not downloaded and a message comes out that I think disconnects with your server or something , I also tried it for the online file manager and it doesn’t let me download my website either, I want if it is possible to compress all the files on my website in a zip and pass me the link to download it

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

heres one way to download your web-files from I.F
via the file manager.

they’ve also written:


it looks your file is too large to download. you can try to download folders inside htdoces one by one

Or, use a FTP client like FileZilla, since it can handle big folders / files.

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I already tried to download it one by one and it didn’t work, neither with the filezilla nor with the online file manager, I need the administrator to compress my website in a zip and pass me the link to download my website please.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have any way to generate backups for accounts.

If some of the transfers in FileZilla failed and the connection is stuck, it usually helps to click the three buttons in a row in the top menu: Cancel current operation → Disconnect from server → Reconnect to server.

After that, you can right click in the Failed Transfers panel and select “Reset and requeue all”. That should cause all files to be retried and downloaded.


As I said, I tried everything and it does not work, please, compress my website to download it, as an administrator you are a must, and I as a user have that right.

I’m sorry, but I think we’ve made it abundantly clear that we do not provide one-on-one support for free hosting. So I don’t think you have any “right” to any of my time whatsoever, let alone that I do anything for you and your website specifically.

Do you want staff to do things especially for you? You can get that with premium hosting. Premium hosting staff can even import your website for you, so you don’t have to fix the FTP issue to get your website back.

Could you please try to explain the FTP issue so we can try to help you? I can’t generate backups for you, but I can try to help diagnose the FTP issue and see how it could be fixed.


in filezilla when you are almost done downloading all the files, you disconnect from the server and do not continue with the download, even after restarting those files to download again, they do not connect to the server, and I tried everything, but it does not work, and it is not because the files weigh, those files weigh nothing, they are plugin and theme files, sometimes the download is stopped missing 4 files, other times it stops missing 15 files, always when it is about to finish downloading Everything is disconnected from the server, the problem is on your server, so I ask you to compress my website and pass me the link to download it, and sorry for the inconvenience of your time. (only compress the “wp-content” folder)

If there is a download button and if we can press start downloading or something like that, then it should work. If it doesn’t something is wrong and need to be fixed.

Mozzilla Firefox: Go to your site. Right click. In the menu press download this site. It should work.

As I said in my previous answers, I have tried everything and it does not work, from downloading it using filezilla to the online file manager, and I could not download my website, there is a problem on the server, that is why I am requesting that They compress my website.

Did you try to reconnect to the server first before restarting the failed transfers? Again, that’s only restarting the failed transfers, not the successful ones. So if there are 4 failed transfers, you only need to retry those 4 failed transfers, so there is no way to get to 15 failed transfers.

FTP servers disconnecting is normal. It’s not an issue with our service. Sure, our inactivity timers are shorter than with most other FTP servers, but all FTP servers I’ve ever used kick you out for inactivity at some point. Every active FTP connection takes a bit of server power to maintain, so keeping FTP connections active until the end of time is simply not possible.

I’m sorry, but I cannot and will not generate backups for your account. You can generate them yourself.

I agree it would be nice to have a download button which works 100% of the time. But the problem is that at the point you right click on a folder and hit Download, the file manager has no way to tell how many files are in the folder and how long it will take to fetch and compress them. So the file manager will just try to create the archive, and will be killed by the server if it takes too long.

There are a couple of ways we could deal with this:

We could disable multi file downloads. This removes the complexity issue entirely and makes sure every download is reliable and fast. But if you have a folder with 10 files? You’ll have to download them one by one yourself.

We could disable the script time killers. That means, if you click to download a folder, the file manager will try to download the folder and compress it, no matter how long it takes. For a file with 20k files, this could take a very long time (30 minutes or more). Which means you’re just going to be looking at a loading spinner for a very long time, after which you’ll get the archive.

And if you think the script broke down after a few minutes and retry? Then there will be a second process downloading files and creating archives of your account. And if you do this more often, or with more people trying this, the server will just collapse under the load of having to download all these accounts. And with how eager some people seem to button bash, I can guarantee you that this will become a disaster.

We could leave the situation as-is. Multi file downloads work for small folders and break for big ones.

I like the last one, because it brings the most features to the most people without burning a hole in the processor.

Which of these solutions would you prefer we’d go for instead?


you do not help at all, and this forum much less, I just want to compress my website, not travel to the moon, how difficult, I can not download my website, I need those files to change hosting.

A question for you my friend. Why do you not have a backup of the website in a USB Flash Drive?

I made the mistake of trusting this hosting, that’s why I want to move to another 100 thousand times better than this one, from the mistakes you learn, now I will make backup copies in I will have them safe, but for that, I need to download all my website.

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Can you please give me a link to your website if it is online?
Then I can see how big your website is and maybe help you better.

I’m trying to help you, but to do so, I need you to follow the instructions I give you and to answer the questions I ask you.

I can see you would like me to press the magical “fix everything” button which allows you to easily download an archive of your whole account. Unfortunately, I don’t have a button like this, which means we need to try something else.

And to do that, I need you to work with me. Because I think you’ll have realized now that repeating the same demands and complaints does not get you closer to having a backup of your site.

Now, if you still want to backup your website, I’ll be watching this topic for the time you’ll respond to my suggestions and questions. Until then, I won’t respond to this topic anymore.


I have answered all the questions that they have asked me, and I have said that I tried everything, from the filezilla to the online file manager, and restarted the failed files, not all of them, I am not an idiot, I use the filezilla, the error is their SERVER, apparently no one here is “human”, because they fail to understand what I say to them as simple as possible, and now you threaten me not to answer this question, you don’t take the matter professionally, but personally, a hosting service should be able to provide solutions to their customers, and not respond with the same “use the filezilla” or “use the file manager online”, it seems as if they will not read the messages, I need to download my website, and I can not, your SERVER does not Leave, can you understand even that? Or am I speaking in Chinese?

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I am trying to find a way to download your website. Please, wait. I am looking for a solution

Bad news: I don’t found any solutions on the internet.
Good news: You can download file by file.

I am sorry, but you need to speak with admin because I can’t hepl you this time.