Doubt with Domain

Are you using machine translation to write your message? If you need it, that’s fine. But your message is riddled with vague descriptions and non-standard terminology, so I cannot tell if you are paraphrasing what I’m saying in a very creative way, or if you just don’t understand me.

To keep using your .es domain, you will need to maintain the domain name registration for your domain. You can do that with the company where you currently have your domain name, or another provider of your choice.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to renew your domain right now. It only needs to be renewed if it’s going to expire soon. But that’s something between you and your domain name provider. There is nothing we can actually do for you here.

And given that you haven’t shared which domain name you’re trying to setup, it’s hard to give more specific information.

No, I don’t think you understand.

You need to:

  1. Update the nameservers of your domain name to point to our servers: How to point your domain name to InfinityFree nameservers
  2. Add the domain name to your hosting account with us: How to add your own domain to your account

Doing so will direct all traffic for your .es domain to our servers, and configure our servers so that it will link the domain to your account so you can setup a website on it.

I would suggest to first add your domain and then import your website. You can import it on your subdomain first too, but then you’ll have to do extra work to transfer it back to your .es domain later on.

So to keep it simple: if you don’t plan to actually have people visit the website on your subdomain, just ignore the subdomain, and let’s focus on getting the website set up on your .es domain with us.