Domain Pointing

Ola, comprei um dominio na hostinger e estou tentando apontar o dominio porem diz que esta dando erro no DNS da infinityfree, como resolver esse problema?

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Hello, I bought a domain on hostinger and I’m trying to point the domain but it says that it’s giving an error in the infinityfree DNS, how to solve this problem?

Hi and welcome to the forum

Please speak English
Give us your domain name so we can investigate
and state exactly what kind of error you got
and if possible upload here a screenshot

But it’s probably about this one (judging by your location)


ola, tirei um print do erro que da olha; quero apontar para esse dominio ai, tem como me ajudar


Can you please translate the message in the image to English? Additionally, please translate your responses to English before posting.

Although from the bit I can understand, it looks like the article Oxy posted applies.



hello, it gives this error that follows in the image, would you help me?

Query declined: The entered nameservers did not respond to this domain name. make sure there is a DNS zone on the namesever provider.

Yep, that will be related to this article:


por favor me ajuda a apontar para meu novo dominio que adiquiri na hostinger, ja tentei varias formas mais da erro, traduzi e mandei pra vcs, me ajuda, ou vocês consegue apontar pra min?


please help me to point to my new domain that I acquired on hostinger, I’ve tried several ways but the error, I translated and sent it to you, help me, or can you point it to me?

For the last time:

  • Type in English or translate your response before posting
  • You can’t host your domain here, read the article below

I sent it in English but Google translated it, I will translate it again and send it,
I don’t want to host my domain here, I just want to point to my domain on the hosting, that’s all I want to do and it’s giving me an error here on infinityfree, can you help me please

You cannot do that.

Due to this

Please read


I’ve seen it in the hosting and the problem is not there, this error is from here, help me, because I’ve tried several ways and it didn’t work, I spoke with the hosting support and they informed me that it has to be here, I just want to point out the domain; for ; can you send me a link or help me, I already read what you sent me but it didn’t work, help me

For the last time

you cannot host your domain here

If you read the article, you would know that. In fact, the article specifically states that domains don’t work here.

Please buy a different domain name, or find a different hosting provider


good morning
which place do I put the html to appear ads on my site, or can I do this by wordpress

I tried to put it in that folder but it didn’t work, see what it says

You cannot edit index2.html
you can delete it or/and create one of the index files


in this case, do you have to delete this index2.html folder and leave the other one in place?

If you don’t want to see the default welcome page then delete index2.html
and create your index file

Make sure your website has a valid index page

If you link directly to a file on your account (e.g. ), then the specific file will be loaded (about.html in that case). But what happens if you don’t link directly to a file, but to a directory instead (e.g. or just )?

In that case, the server will look for a valid “index file”. An index file is typically file with the name index.php, index.html, index.htm or index2.html. When trying to open a folder, the server will look for one of those files, and open the first one shown here.

If you have set up your website correctly, there should be a file like that directly in the htdocs folder. If not, it will load the index2.html file, which is the welcome page.

Please note that file names on InfinityFree (and almost all hosting providers) are cAsE sEnSiTiVe, so please make sure the file is not called Index.php or index.HTML, as these files will not be loaded.

You can also customize which file is loaded by default using .htaccess rules. By adding a rule like DirectoryIndex home.php index.php index.html, the server will try a home.php file before trying the index.php and index.html files. Learn more about how to add custom .htaccess rules .


I just need you to put this html for the monetization platform to recognize my website, look;

Please do it yourself.
Unlikely to work due to this


Hostinger’s staff did the configuration for me, pointed to my site’s IP here, and this appears, see the print, why?