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So my ns1 and ns2 nameservers are being used by cloudflare, which has my Minecraft DNS records.

Because of that I can’t connect the nameservers that are given by this host.

I really need help, I can’t remove the cloudflare nameservers because it would break everything.

Somehow can I set them on ns4 and ns3, if not I need further information on how to connect everything.

I’m sorry, but in order to add your domain to our hosting, it has to point to our nameservers first. This is how our system validates that you actually control the domain name. We sadly don’t have any alternative domain name verification system at this time.

After the domain is added to your account, you are free to move it back to your own nameservers, as long as you setup the correct DNS records in your nameservers to point it to our hosting.

But to add the domain to your account, your only option right now is to (temporarily) point it to our nameservers.

Also, as a rule of thumb: never use multiple sets of nameservers on your domain. Doing so will not merge the results, it will just cause everything on your domain to only work half of the time.



Thank you for a reply.

I asked my father about this who also has a host, he told me that no matter what where you put the nameservers they will still work but not as good as on needed ones.

I don’t know if this information is true, but I’ll see in 24 hours

Thank you again

Also as I remember you can somehow set it all up with records on cloudflare, but I don’t know how, because the last time I had done stuff like this was possibly 10 years ago and that was a Nginx server.
If you have any guidance on how to do that I would really appreciate it!

You must configure your domain to point nameservers to infiniyfree.

To configure it back, pointing to cloudflare, cloudflare’s nameservers are shown on “cloudflare->domain->dns”

For the settings the DNS records in Cloudflare, I suggest checking this guide which explains the process in detail:

I’m not sure what (or your dad) actually mean by that. You are indeed free to host the DNS of your domain wherever you want (including at Cloudflare), but you have to point the domain to our nameservers for the initial setup.

Using multiple DNS hosts at the same time is a recipe for disaster, unless you REALLY know what you’re doing.


Yeah but like if transfer my domain to only infinityfree I will lose my Minecraft domain settings, and if I lose that then my Minecraft will become unplayable

You don’t have to do that. Read the second post in this topic. You only need to temporarily set your namservers to InfinityFree. After the account is created, you can set them back to your CDN and just point an A record on the domain to InfinityFree


I literally said revert your changes after you’re done.

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