Ah so this is why my subdomain is not connecting to my third party webstore. I get the “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” error. any updates on this? I see it’s been a week. Obviously it’s not fixed, but just curious if we know anything else about the issue? Thanks for letting us know. Hope all is well.

Don’t hijack someone else’s topic from 9 days ago. Create a new one. I moved it for you this time.

And if you don’t provide any information besides a pretty generic error message, all we can do is point you to an article that may or may not work. More info = better help


Please provide website url, one week is more than 72 hours which indicates there is definitely something wrong.


I believe the issue was related to the original topic hijacked, a custom CNAME record is no longer working.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do but wait. Any further updates will be shared in this thread:


Thank you @ChrisPAR, you are correct.

I think @Greenreader9 was too excited to try to bash me for “hijacking a thread”… I was definitely continuing the original thread where it left off as it was describing the same issue I was having. If I had started a new thread (and you actually read the post where I fully described the same thing that had already been posted by someone else) you likely would’ve told me to UTFSE. I think by moving it away from the other post, you’ve actually caused my “new thread” to lose a lot of context.

But, @ChrisPAR - waiting is what I assumed we would be doing. Was just curious if @Admin had any news because it seemed like he had at least spoken to someone about the issue. Thanks for the helpful link.

The only news I can share is that the CNAME records option has been hidden in the control panel to prevent more people from running into this bug. As for the solution itself, it will take longer to fix. I don’t have anything remotely like a time frame on a resolution. But I wouldn’t count on it being fixed within a week or two, and recommend to apply a workaround for now.


Thanks for the reply @Admin.
However, it seems that my CNAME record is working today - https://shop.exileisland.net/ is now working properly. However, the option for CNAME is still missing from the cpanel menu. Very strange!

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