CNAME section missing from the control panel

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Error Message

CName Record not found under the Advance settings

Other Information

  1. I added a CName before, I think its called “www”, not sure if that is what causes the option to disappear…
  2. I tried exploring the InfinityFree dashboard and the control panel (cron jobs, domain types, SSL/TLS, IP Blocker, MX Entry, SPF Records, Addon Domains, Sub Domains, Aliases (Parked Domain), but I don’t see the interface like the Records CName interface, or any options related to that)

sorry, the third option should be removed, but I am not sure how to edit the post

That is very weird. My guess is that something changed with the panels code cause some custom configuration settings to hide the option.

You can bypass this by logging into the control panel, then clicking the link below.

I also removed the floating #3 for you


The panel is hidden by iFastNet, I’m assuming because of this:


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Hey, seems like a few minutes ago,

The CNAME option has been re-added to the Control Panel!


Yes, that’s correct! The underlying issues with the CNAME records has been resolved now, so it was deemed safe enough to restore the CNAME section.