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Since that dns problem happened, nobody in my country can access my site ig.

This is not my screenshot, and I can’t tell everyone who visits my site to change their DNS to cloudflare. Does anyone have a root solution for this, like not just for me.

You guys have helped me alot so far. But this is kinda annoying.

Thank you.

No issue


You can consider using CloudFlare by using this guide


Thank you bro, It worked!
:heartbeat: :heartbeat: :revolving_hearts:


After that it worked for a bit without a problem, then it happened again.


What should I do?

The site works fine for me, it might have been a temporary issue. Try clearing your DNS and browser cache and if it still doesn’t work, you may wish to use a different DNS resolver (I personally use Quad9):


Yes, I know bro this have worked for me. But just for me.

I’ve tried to connect from a different place with another router, and still got a problem.

Like I’ve to tell everyone that visits the site, change your DNS.

It only works outside of my country, that’s what I meant.

Did you get my point, so I tried what KangJL Told me, and It worked!

But then it came back again.

Thank you anyway :cupid:

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This is very strange, and I’m not sure what to say… it’s possible this is an ISP issue, if the other place you mentioned used the same provider, in which case you’d need to contact them and ask them about it. I don’t think it’s a country ban, as your site uses Cloudflare, which would break a lot of sites if it were blocked.


Alright bro, thank you :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

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