“Disk quota exceeded” error when CPanel shows inodes used 10 % (2955 of 30019)

Hello Admin,

Same problem again. Can’t make new folder or upload any new file bigger than 0 kb size. Please refer to this thread for detailed explanation:


It appears that last time someone you had to look into the issue ( and it turned out that it was a bug on server side ) did not actually fixed much. 1162 files, 5GB ( rest of site is less than 80 mb ) was simply deleted from /home/vol12_2/epizy.com/epiz_25306293/dzenago.ga/htdocs/uploads/audio/.

I re-uploaded it back. Site ( or, more accurate, account epiz_25306293 ) was fine for about a week until I start getting this “Disk quota exceeded” error once again. What is different this time is that inodes counter shows correct information ( attached screenshot below )

As of now site/account is in read-only mode once again. Please help!


I had a server admin look into it, and they say that your accounts disk usage was limited because file sharing activity was detected on it.

Briefly looking at a directory listing of your account, I suspect that these are caused by the music albums you’ve uploaded to your website. We provide storage space for website hosting, not backing up or sharing music albums, which is why we don’t allow content like that. You are of course allowed to share music on your site, but please upload the albums to a file or music hosting service (like Soundcloud).

Once these limits are set on an account, they cannot be removed again. So please remove the music albums, and any other non website content (photo galleries, video content) if you need to upload more stuff.


Hello Admin,

Those are not music files. It is audio books. But no problem - it’s a free hosting and you the one who makes the rules. I will move the mp3 files to soundcloud, remove it from here and if the account will not get released from write protection in next 24 hours after it was deleted automatically I will get back to you here for further assistance.


UPDATE: as of May 18 2020 7:12am ET all mp3 files ( 5.01GB, 1162 files ) removed, /home/vol12_2/epizy.com/epiz_25306293 reduced to 76.5 MB. Account write protection is gone immediately. Thanks for help.

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Just note that your account was never write protected or read-only. Only a storage limit was set, which means that removing a single file is enough to restore the ability to create a new one.


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